Chocolate Brush & Tube

Hand-crafted from Belgian dark chocolate
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Chocolate Brush & Tube!

Product Code: BT-517

Set of Chocolate Paint Brush and Chocolate Paint Tube,

real size, with a gold and metal look.

Package contains 2 pcs.

100 % EDIBLE!

Ideal for: Any and all occasions!

Made from:  Belgian dark chocolate, 60% minimum of cocoa.

Silver, Gold, Green, Yellow and Red food-grade, edible colours.

Weight: 45 gr. and 17 gr.

Width: 2,5 cm. and 2,5 cm.

Length: 18,5 cm. and 6,5 cm.

All dimensions are approximate. For More Info, click here.

All pieces are hand-crafted. Every product is different and unique.

All pieces are individually packaged and sealed using food-grade cardboard and cellophane.

 The expiration date for consumption varies by article (generally 1 to 2 years)

and is determined by the expiration date of the chocolate used to make the piece.

This product is very fragile, please handle with care.

Keep in a cool, dry and dark place.

Best before: Please see packaging.



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