“For your wedding, baby shower, engagement or bachelor party, birthdays and all other personal and Company celebrations”


“Restaurants, Catering, Manufacturing, and Distribution Businesses, present your Company Logo or product to your clients and guests with the unique Ya chocolates designed and produced after your tastes or ideas”


“Dear Newlyweds, sweeten your celebration with the unique Ya chocolates in shape and with design after your tastes or ideas”


“Dear Restaurant owners and Chefs, make your dishes and desserts unique and personalized with our chocolate designs”


Company logos, monograms, and articles with samples provided or requested by the Client.

All orders of chocolate articles not included in our Catalog are subject of separate pricing. The final price is formed by the following:

  • The size and the requested specific details of the desired product.
  • The time needed for fabrication.
  • The amount of chocolate used in the final product
  • The final product processing costs.

The initial model processing is subject of separate pricing depending on its complexity.

For quantities larger than 30 items special discounts are applied depending on the ordered quantity.

Due to security and record keeping considerations all inquiries, requests, and offers are accepted on our email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.












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